Endureed® Premium Thatch has been used commercially to provide the look and feel of natural thatch while providing a safer, longer lasting thatch roof.


Theme   Parks

Used in Theme Parks and Water Parks worldwide, Endureed® Premium Thatch can withstand intense UV, extreme winds, and heavy rain.


home   and   pool

Endureed® Premium Thatch is perfect to create that back yard tiki bar or pool side sun shade. Create your own island paradise right in your back yard!


Premium   synthetic   thatch   roofing   solution

Why Endureed® Premium Thatch?
Natural thatch roofing is highly flammable. Many buildings have burned to the ground from just a burning ember or a carelessly discarded cigarette. Insects, rodents, and birds use natural thatch to build their home or just take up residence within the thatch roof itself.
When a storm blows through, many natural thatch roofs either have to be patched or completely replaced. Natural thatch cannot withstand the intense UV and high winds. The average life span of a natural thatch roof is 3-5 years, with annual maintenance.

What   about   your   synthetic   thatch   roofing?

Endureed® Premium Thatch has over a million square feet of maintenance-free roofing installed worldwide.
Our Premium Synthetic Thatch has solved the problems created by natural thatch without compromising the look and feel of natural thatch. Endureed® Premium Thatch has earned a Class "A" Fire Rating. Our Synthetic Thatch Shingles have endured the harshest UV areas, strong, constant tropical winds, hurricanes, and even tornadoes. Endureed Premium Thatch does not attract insects, rodents, or birds either. And we back this all up with a 20 Year Warranty.