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In the mid 90's, the creative teams behind Endureed® Premium Synthetic Thatch patented a breakthrough synthetic fiber thatch design resulting from decades of experience in the field of innovative thatch cottage-style roofing. With all the charming visual nuances of traditional thatch roofing and without any of the drawbacks of natural thatch, it is as the name states, "Premium".

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Since the product's inception in the late '90s, no other thatch roof material has been able to match its quality and durability. Compare results from the various independent testing agencies, and the actual product construction, and you will see why discriminating building owners, searching for an authentic looking thatch roof, are specifying Endureed® Premium Thatch.

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As with every other successful company, we here at Endureed® Premium Thatch are always striving to make our product better, safer, and more detailed. We encourage you to follow our progress as we continue to introduce new products and improve the world of Thatch Roofing by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog.

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If you looking for a completely maintenance and worry free thatch roof, look no further than Endureed®! Whether you’re replacing an existing roof or designing new, the team at Endureed Premuim Synthetic Thatch is ready to put their thatch roof design experience to work for you.

Endureed® Premium Thatch shingles consist of individual synthetic reeds bound by a durable stainless steel binder strip. Synthetic reed thatch shingles are designed to resist infestation, mildew and damage due to UV degradation. They are exceptionally fire and flame retardant and have excellent wind uplift resistance. The Synthetic reeds are manufactured from a hi-grade PVC compound. and the binding system is a 23-gauge grade 304 Stainless Steel.

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Endureed® Premium Thatch "waste material" is 100% recyclable. Upon request, Endureed® Premium Thatch can be manufactured using 40% recycled material to meet specific requirements.

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  • Is it real?
    Endureed® Premium Synthetic Thatch is the most authentic artificial thatch roofing system on the market. We are constantly modifying and adjusting our formulas to reach that perfect replication of natural thatch.
    Endureed® = Quality
    Endureed® Premium Synthetic Thatch has had millions of square feet installed over the past 15 years and have not had ONE warranty claim due to product defect or failure.
    Endureed® saves you $$$
    Endureed® Premium Synthetic Thatch maintains a natural looking thatch roof without having all of the maintenance and up-keep charges of natural thatch. Once installed, our artificial thatch is maintenance free for 20 years, GUARANTEED!
  • Endureed® ships worldwide
    Endureed® Premium Synthetic Thatch is manufactured in the USA but can be shipped any where in the world.
    Endureed® is flame resistant
    Endureed® Premium Synthetic Thatch does not support a flame. Once a flame source is removed, the product immediately extinguishes. This property is inherent from the PVC compound used in manufacturing.
    Endureed® is designed by roofers
    Endureed® Premium Synthetic Thatch was designed to be long lasting and easy to install. Natural thatch must be installed by a thatcher and it is not a fast process. Endureed® can be installed by almost anyone and takes about as much time as an asphalt shingle roof to install.

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